Saturday, March 31, 2012

Southern Belle Saturday

Recently there have been numerous quint books that I have seen on the subject of being a Southern Belle. {Yes, I did mean to capitalize those two words.} During my recent Kappa Trainer weekend, I spied a little book called A Southern Belle Primer: Or Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be A Kappa Kappa Gamma. I actually think that I saw it a few years ago, but my interest in it was reignited. It is an adorable book about the social graces of living in the South.
Top Tips For Channeling Southern Charm

1. Entertain as much as possible. There is never too small a cause for a celebration.

2. Treat everyone as a dear friend. Chances are their mother has tea with your boyfriend's very opinionated aunt.

3. Expect a gentleman to open your door, order your drink, hail your cab and pull out your chair.

4. Use your fine china on weekdays, even if it can't go in the dishwasher.

5. Be a gracious and lively guest. Hostess gifts, genuine conversation and thank you notes are a must.


I am in the mood to throw a fabulous garden party. The only problem is that my back  yard doesn't grow grass and my kitchen table only seats four people. Those aren't good enough reasons for me to not have a party though, nothing can stop me from wanting to have a good time. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

Doesn't this picture alone make you want to have a spring soiree? Click here to find these colorful Jill Rosenwald vases.


  1. These are wonderful! May have to add them to my Monday's post!

  2. love these... especially the man who opens the door for you! Happy weekend!

  3. Ooo I would love to go to a garden party! Those flowers are so pretty!

  4. Those vases are amazing!