Thursday, March 15, 2012

Columbo Recap

Hello, lovelies! I am finally getting around to posting about my Columbus trip. Some of the pictures were on Bryan's phone and I have kept forgetting to send them to myself. Honestly, there really weren't many good pictures taken. None of the pictures of us people were worth sharing. Either they were blurry, someone's eyes were closed or some other blurp. If I had posted all of this right after I came home it would probably have been much better, but instead you are going to get the gist of things.

First, and foremost, the food. Ahhh, so much wonderful food was consumed along the way. I was beyond excited to get some almond milk bubble tea. The "bubbles" at the bottom are really tapioca. Our breakfasts/brunches each day were amazing. My favorite was probably the day I had pancake balls stuffed with For Em's birthday meal she really wanted to go to Barrel 44, a whiskey bar and restaurant. My tuna salad was cooked to perfection and the birthday girl was giddy about the drinks. To top it all off, we had Jeni's ice cream--yummm.

We saw bands play three out of the four nights that we were there. On Thursday we saw The Infamous Stringdusters and Yonder Mountain String Band, both of which are bluegrass. The Stringdusters had incredible talent and were probably the most entertaining. Friday night we saw a local band, The Floorwalkers, who were also good. Sunday night we saw The Black Keys. I heart them. I may or may not rock out to them in the mornings as I start my day. Due to the lights, not a single picture from their show turned out. For those of you who have always wanted to see my backside, here's your one shot. How cute are the buttons on the shirt I wore?

It's sad, but these are really all of the pictures worth showing. Our trip was lots of fun, minus the straight 13 hour drive back home on Monday. We went from driving in snow to wearing shorts the next day! Crazy weather.


  1. I was craving a bubble tea yesterday! Love Yonder Mountain String Band...saw them a few years ago! xx

  2. We are going to go see the Black Keys next weekend - I can't wait!

  3. I love Columbus and just hearing Jeni's makes me yearn for some salted caramel or pistachio and honey. ;) The next time you go, you should go to Pistacia Vera, an adorable macaron shop with other great treats and coffee.

  4. You are right--those buttons are super cute! Sounds like a great time!

  5. That sounds like a ton of fun! The food has me drooling and I can't believe you went to so many concerts!