Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Storytime} Wednesday

Good morning, friends! Part of me feels like this week is going by quickly, while the other part of me can't believe it's only Wednesday. Sunday night Bryan and I stayed at my parents' house, and the next day I decided it was so warm that I could put on a bathing suit and sit by the pool. Oh yeah, it's close to hitting 80* every day this week.
{awkward face and pose}

Though I don't like the dark mornings, I am thrilled that it stays lighter later. Bryan and I are finally able to do something fun together outside after he gets home from work. Lemme tell ya about yesterday.

One. I timed my ab workout to finish right before B walked in the door. I drank a lot of water because it was so hot, even with the door open.

Two. Bryan gets dressed in bike attire and loads up our bikes to head to the trail.

Three. My bike comes off first, so I ride the warm-up loop while B gets his things together. As I circle back around, I see him peddling towards me sans helmet. He forgot his shoes. I am sure some of you are wondering why he can't just ride in the shoes he has on his feet. Well, my hubby is one of those nuts who clips into his pedals, so no bueno.
Four. We decide to drive 15 minutes back to our house, find his riding shoes at the back door and decide to go to a park so that I can run and B can play with Ivy. Get to the park and it is thugville. I'm talking big time, no bueno.

Five. After driving around the whole park we decide to go to a walking/running/biking trail that runs behind a few neighborhoods. Bryan realizes he has no phone so I am going to have to stay relatively close.

Six. There are a few people out walking, which is no biggie, and Bryan begins throwing Ivy's dummy for her in a side patch of grass while I run back and forth along the pavement. Upon my third time around, I notice that there is a cop talking to Bryan. Apparently the old man who smiled at me every time I passed him decided that it was his duty to protect everyone in the viscinity from the vicious dog that was fetching and not wearing a leash, but was wearing an electronic collar. No lie. At this point I was having to go to the bathroom so badly from the gallon of water that I had gulped down that I was about to die. Mr. Police Man was super nice, said he had dealt with the old man before, but it was actually a city ordinance that all dogs had to be on a leash {I guess an invisible one that can shock doesn't count} and then basically said there was no place in town for me to run in a safe environment and where Ivy could play at the same time. Redic. Tell me, does this girl look like she is going to hurt anyone?

If you are still reading after that tangent, then I applaud you. I know that it seems like all I ever post are IG pics, but my phone camera isn't the best and I think that the app makes them look better. Let me know if you are on IG and we can follow each other. My profile is sweetteabelle.

In my inbox this morning I received an email about a flash outlet going on at Piperlime right now. There is a ton of cute stuff on major sale. Go check it out!
Piperlime Sale

That's all I've got for you today, folks. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I am TERRIFIED to wear my clips while riding outside. I can just imagine myself falling and breaking a leg because I forgot to unclip :)
    What is IG? Is that for the droid?

  2. I am LOL.....bless your heart sista!!! My husband rides with clipless pedals and it scares me too!

    I hope you have a fab week!


  3. Sounds like an interesting evening! I am LOVING this weather recently! It's supposed to be in the low 80's today and tomorrow. I broke out a sundress (plus a cardigan for work) and sandals today!

  4. What a dramatic incident, so much for an easy evening bike ride...who would have ever thought it would have gotten so complicated?? I hope you are enjoying the sunny weather. Also, I am totally crushing on the loafers you featured above. I hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!! Be sure to stop by my blog and take a peak at the redesign.
    Twirling Clare

  5. I am loving this early warm weather as well!! I thought about while ago sitting out on my patio today to try and get some sun. We shall see if I do it or not... But I want to!