Thursday, August 11, 2011

Swimsuits to Fleeces

Yesterday was a somewhat crazy, yet relaxing day. Bryan has been fighting a summer cold and awoke worse than the previous days and decided to stay home. That made me a happy wife, but of course it through my normal routine for a loop and I didn't accomplish much. We've had our vacation to the beach planned since March, and in truth that is what I have done with the majority of my time this week...pack. A friend and her husband built a new beach house last year and this is the first chance we've gotten to go and stay. On Tuesday night I shot my friend a text telling her to call me when she had a chance so we could get codes, keys and talk about watering plants. Let me just say that all week I've had a gut feeling that something wasn't right. My suspicions were confirmed when I found out that there has been a water leak problem that they have been trying to solve and the plumber finally said that the upstairs shower and surrounding walls had to be ripped out...starting Monday. Well, there goes our vacation, right down the drain, wall and wherever else it has leaked. Everyone feels bad and knows this is a situation that nobody could have foreseen. Within moments Bryan and I looked at each other and said, "Colorado." I grew up going in August, Bryan and I have gone in August, and last year he took his brother in August. Honestly, it is my favorite time of year to go and escape the southern heat-we have both mentioned it numerous times the past two weeks, that we wish we were going. Long-time family friends have a cabin where we like to stay. Luckily, the cabin is available!! I'm waiting for a phone call this morning to confirm everything, but it's looking like I'll be putting my swimsuits back into their drawer and pulling my fleeces out of storage!! I'll be sure to keep you posted.


  1. I would take the mountains over the beach any day!! So fun!!!

  2. Thank goodness you guys are spontaneous to make the Colorado vacay happen - that's awesome!