Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Few of My Favorite (Trip) Things

I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that were captured on camera from the trip. Note, these are all iPhone camera pictures. Somehow we made it all the way to the cabin before realizing we had no camera memory card. Go figure.

1. I love the Colorado scenery. I do not know how anyone can ever wake up in this glorious place and not have a good morning. There are so many magnificent scenes that I do not understand how anyone could ever question the existence of God. It is breathtaking.

2. Most people are always surprised to learn that I taught Bryan how to fly fish. Ok, so maybe I didn't teach him everything, but I did get him interested in it and bought him his first waders and boots. This was the most exciting catch of the week, made by yours truly. It was on the Upper Pomeroy Lake, a rarity by being the only native fish, a Green Back Cutthroat. We found out that even the upper lakes in Colorado are stocked with fish by helicopter!

3. The fly shop where I purchased my new wading boots slipped this sticker into our bag. It made me laugh.

4. After driving all night long there is nothing like a good beer and pizza. Both were fantastic and ranch dressing for dipping was not even necessary.

5. This is one thing that makes me happy, a huge breakfast with bacon, potatoes and eggs. Lots of calories? No worries, they were all burned off with our 6 mile hike. Up. Hill.

6. I remember being in a store like this one when I was younger. It was an old hardware store that was lined wall to wall with drawers.

7. This was a sign we saw in Leadville. Bryan had to have a picture because he found it quite comical that you could get your teeth cleaned and have a massage in the Post Office.

8. This picture does not do itself justice. There was the neatest yarn and fabric store in Salida. In the front window was a tree wrapped in all different strips of fabric. The terrible lighting made its cuteness extremely hard to capture.

9. Also in Salida you find the Arkansas River Headwaters Museum. We ate at a yummy restaurant called the Boathouse right on the river.

10. Another hilarious sign. It speaks for itself.

11. I spotted this license plate while on the way home. Only in Bush country!

12. Though we did not see any elk, my little eyes peered all around every time I saw this sign.

I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures that were captured along the way. I have a lot more, but they are all on Bryan's phone. It might take me a few days to actually have a chance to switch them around and post them.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Love the stop sign!