Monday, August 29, 2011

A Good Weekend

This past weekend was full of fun! My childhood bestie's little sister got married so tons of people were in town to celebrate the occasion. Emily drove home and arrived Friday around noon. She was a groomsman's date, which was great that she was able to attend all of the wedding festivities.

Friday morning I had my very disgusting hair cut and colored. Um, it is very dark. Very, very dark. I told Jen, my hair stylist, that I wanted to go darker. Well, it is very dark. Have I said that yet? I am probably the only one who likes it when my hair is darker than my natural color. I think Bryan mentioned something about Tomb Raider. I think everyone else is just too nice to say anything.

Saturday Bryan had to work, forcing me to spend time with Em by the pool. We basked in the sun and somehow the girl managed to dunk me. I'm not sure that has ever happened before. Ever.

Even Ivy was happy her Auntie Em was home.

I found this fellow by the fence. I hate spiders, but couldn't resist snapping a picture of him. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, too!


  1. What a wonderful weekend!! So, I need updates…waht are you doing now that school has probably started and your not going back? If you get to go to the pool all the time I'm going to be super jealous!!! ;) Have a good Monday! XOXO

  2. Ivy and my puppy should hang out! They're soul sisters!

  3. sounds like a wonderful weekend