Saturday, August 27, 2011

As if It Wouldn't Make the List...

...Fayetteville was named one of Southern Living's best college towns in the South.

It most certainly holds a special place in my heart and I completely agree with it being on the list. There are numerous reasons I could list why this little town nestled in the Ozark mountains is so wonderful. There are the people, the campus, the streets...yep, Dickson pretty much sums it up with all of its variety. Go look and see if your college town made the list!

Thanks to a slew of music venues and bars run by Razorbacks, central Dickson Street is the town's life force on the weekends. It also connects the University of Arkansas to the revitalized downtown, where streets are blocked off on Saturdays for the 60-stall Fayetteville Farmers' Market.



  1. Fun article, I was happy to see Bryan/College Station make the list too! The comments were cracking me up - people took "their" college town not being included so seriously!

  2. HA- look at my post today! Great minds think alike! And go to fun schools too! :) Miss you pretty girl! Starting to lose power here…crazy week with an earthquake and now this hurricane. As soon as we are back up and running i will email you!! XOXO