Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday News

Good Monday morning, everyone! This is going to be short and sweet. Bryan and I spent the weekend packing, unpacking and repacking. Even though it was paid on Friday, our electricity was not switched on, so I'm waiting rather patiently (insert sarcasm) for that to happen this morning. Imagine moving in 100 degree weather with no electricity and you can imagine my weekend. I forgot my laptop so I am sitting g at Starbucks on my phone. I thought I set up blogger for me to do something differently, but I just opened up an Internet window. It will not allow me to upload pictures. Is this normal? Today I would like to find out what day the trash is picked up and how to get the Internet on at our house. There is a possibility that the kitchen table I have just redone isn't going to fit in my kitchen, but I'm still crossing my fingers. Aside from he downers, Bryan and I are both very excited about our new place! Hopefully I will get my computer tonight and I will get a better post up tomorrow. Be sure to enter my giveaway from Lydia & Pugs!

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  1. I hope they got it turned on today. Fingers crossed that the table fits.