Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Five

Once again, I'm doing a "Friday Five" post on five things I'm thankful for this week. Hopefully sooner than later I'll get the Internet set up so I can blog from home. Until then, Starbucks and my phone are my besties.

1. A good grocery store less than a mile from my house. Oh my, what I have been missing!

2. There is a shaved ice stand a few blocks from our new home. I'm thinking it should be advertised as a gourmet shaved ice stand.

3. Seriously, there are no words to describe it. I wonder if they will let me open a tab.

4. The fabric for my outside chairs. They are currently in my kitchen until my others are ready.

5. The princess has been beyond amazing with the transition to a new house. She has only gotten out once in the neighborhood, unfortunately without a collar and a very strong will to not listen to her mama. And, she will go up the stairs but not come down them-you don't even want to know how I got her down the one time she got stuck and I was the only one home.


  1. Love that fabric! A grocery store less than a mile to your house? Could be dangerous. I would go every day. :)

  2. That fabric is seriously beautiful! Show us the finish project soon pretty please?! :)

  3. love that fabric and seriously i want some shaved ice now! Have a great weekend!

  4. I really could go for some shaved ice right now! Sounds really good!