Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Been A Long Time

To say that it has been crazy around here would be a huge understatement. Thank you all for being patient and understanding when a girl doesn't blog due to a move. I honestly don't even know where to begin by telling you what all has been going on around here the past two weeks. Unpacking, organizing, buying, organizing, decorating and organizing pretty much sums it up.

I think my dear mother is having slight withdrawal issues with me now being an hour away (admit it Mom). Last week she popped by for 20 minutes to give me Amdro ant killer. On Monday she took me shopping for a few house items. My favorite item purchased was a plush green throw that I have been eyeing. Thursday was when she brought me the ant killer--which has done wonders for my ant problem. Then on Saturday she came over for dinner. I love her flexible schedule and how she is always willing to do whatever I need, whenever I need. Thank you, Mom!

Bryan's parents came and stayed with us for the weekend. My MIL loves doing projects and was a huge help in getting my living room put together. On Saturday we shopped all over town and came out with a great haul of pillows, curtains and tassels. Here is a picture of the back door. Similar curtains cover the side kitchen window and will cover our living room windows. The living room window is 12 feet wide and needs a special rod.

My kitchen table is still not finished and so the outside ones is residing in its place. I'm almost to the point that I am willing to sell the kitchen chairs that I have re-done. Hopefully they will be finished by tomorrow and I will see if they work or not. If they do not fit I'm happy with the outside chairs being inside and purchasing others to outside. They are actually an inside set, but I recovered them with outdoor fabric to make them durable for the outdoors.

The living room has come a long way but is still not finished. Curtains need to go behind the couch. I need a lamp for the corner between the wall and couch and the lamp on the right needs a different shade. I think a rug with coordinating colors will pull the whole room together, but I have yet to find anything just right. This weekend we are going to go to Dallas to pick out a piece of furniture for the tv. Right now the coffee table has been pushed back and the tv is sitting on it.

I have said since the beginning that it will take at least a month to get everything complete and how I like it. Tomorrow will be two weeks and I am pleased to say that our home has already come a long way. Of course, there are still many things that need to be changed. Although I love a good beer, it is hard having a small kitchen and having this taking up counter space. It was made on day eight of being here. Can you tell where priorities lie?

Even though I agree with my husband that this is a good picture I do not agree that this is a good place for the bikes to be stored. He took this picture last week sometime. Sunday was supposed to be the day that a bike solution was put into action, but here it is Tuesday and the bikes are still in the same place.

I know this isn't much, but I wanted you to know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Please remember that everything is still a work in progress. This is a small sliver of insight into what I have been doing instead of scouring Pinterest, Tumblr, shopping sites and blogging.


  1. Great job decorating so far! My husband also makes beer and I have strict rules that it stays in our office! I even threw away a million things to make room for all of the supplies in the closet. I can't stand looking at it! Glad you're getting all settled in!

  2. Your new place looks great so far! Moving is such a hassle. It's good that you have family around to help with everything.

  3. I am loving the place so far.

  4. glad i worked so hard on those chairs...