Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's in it Wednesday...Handbags Please

Today I am linking up with sweet Jennifer from from Southern Living: Preppy Style for her What's in it Wednesday. This week everyone is showing what's in their handbag/purse! Excuse the pictures that I have taken. I tried to make them look cool, but they didn't turn out that way at all. You may wonder if my purse is always this clean and empty. No way!! I have been switching between bags so much lately that I've been trying to keep things to a minimum. I tend to keep quite a bit of junk in my purse, hence the large tote, but you caught me on a good week. (No lie, there were no receipts, magazines or granola bars in there today!)

My go-to-every-day-purse is my Gucci Joy tote. I have had it about a year and a half. Now that I am a grown-up and have nice handbags I have realized that I am very much a tote person. I need the space and the two straps. It was my first big splurge, full-price from Saks, but it was worth every penny I paid. Did my hubby almost have a stroke? Yes. Is he happy now that he has seen how much I use it and how durable it has been? Yes. Seriously, he critiqued the thing when it came in the mail and was impressed. Aren't men funny?

This week I am teaching at our local college's Kid's College. I snatched this large tote and matching bag when I went into the cute Pharmacy we have in town. They just got a new monogramming machine (!!!!) but were not quite ready to tackle the task of the bag, so I told them I would give them a couple of weeks before I let them experiment on mine. I ended up ripping off the tag yesterday and throwing all of my junk into it. Not to worry, it is still going to get monogrammed. I thought it would be the perfect beach/pool/carry-all bag for the summer.


Since we are on the subject of handbags I thought I would tell you what is next on my list. Ok, ok, so there are about a zillion lovelies on my list, but I'm going to go for something practical. I have full intent on this taking the place of my Joy, but that is really not something I am ready to have happen yet. And, with this new budget Bryan has put me on it's probably going to be a while. Maybe a long while. I'm totally crushin' on the Louis Vuitton Totally MM. Similar to the beloved Cabas Mezzo but with a better bottom!! What's next on your list?


  1. FUN! I should have linked this and mad this my WW post, dang it. I may start doing that so I can play too:)

    Love your Gucci bag. I just had to downsize my LV b/c it was so large, I would pack it FULL OF CRAP and my back would hurt. (good reason for a new bag, huh? HA!) I love that one though.

    Have a great day!

  2. I have the same Gucci Tote in the large size and love it! I paid full price too from Saks, too funny. I originally bought it to use as my diaper bag but love it carry it all the time. After Christmas I splurged and bought the Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote in the gray and white checkered for the summer and I adore it! I am like you a tote girl all the way! and my hubby doesn't understand why they cost so much, but they are investment pieces:)

  3. p.s just added you to my daily reads list on my blog! Been loving your blog.

  4. I’m a tote girl too. Love your LV selection… a girl can never have to many! I just purchased a Halston, still waiting for it in the mail. But I love your Gucci~ classic :)

  5. LOVE your Gucci bag and obsessed with teh LV one! Ohhh…when will money grow on trees?!

  6. Loving the Gucci! I definitely am a bag lady and have to have a massive bag with me because I tend to carry too much. Lately I have been switching my bags constantly it's a wonder I can find anything lol. Love that LV. I still havent decided which one I want. The boy told me no bag if I want to go to the cape and martha's vineyard...psssh lol


  7. Hi Hannah! Thanks for linking up! I love your Gucci. FOr summer I put my LV away but pull it out for work events (like a conference I am speaking at today). I am loving the MM and would love to add it to my collection! I forgot to include my Lilly organizer in my post! I had it at my office and forgot to snap a picture. But I carry a ton of stuff so when using my LV I also have a tote..... Lamont requires a lot of stuff. Ok, I require a lot of stuff! Haha!