Thursday, June 2, 2011

Traveling Via Motorcycle

Things I Learned

1. It does absolutely no good to decide 10 minutes into the trip that you cannot and will not ride a motorcycle. No good at 3 minutes down the road. Or once your toosh is on the bike.

2. Crying does no good either.

3. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. If you see road kill ahead, just hold your breath for about 5 seconds and it will be gone due to the wind blowing in your face.

4. No matter how bad the wind blows, take comfort that your husband is wise enough to pull off the road and take an alternative route. One that takes much, much, much longer but is much, much, much safer. Exhaustion usually occurs after your hands have been clinched for hours, you haven't breathed in hours and you don't know if you will ever again have a normal heartbeat.

5. The end of a journey is much better if there is a glass of wine.

6. Be prepared to go on another journey. If you do it once, they know you are quite capable of doing it again. (Make sure that riding to Florida on a motorcycle is out of the question. Period.)


Somehow I fit all of this...

...into this.

Black Bag
2 swimsuits (1*)
4 panties
strapless bra white cami
maxi dress
2 tank shirts*
terry shorts
2 shorts (1*)
round brush
(glasses case)
* things I didn't use

Lilly Case
mini hairspray
lip balm
mini lotion
2-nail polishes
div align="center">medicine holder
2-bobby pins
3-clear rubber bands
sewing kit
jewelry holder
eyelash curler
lip gloss
mini toothpaste
sunscreen stick
samples of my face wash, toner, day & night creme
(shampoo & conditioner-forgot in bathroom, sorry Tiz!)

Ralph Lauren Case
nail clippers
powder base
contact holder
mini contact solution
hair clippie
eye shadow
Chocolate Palette
Shimmer Brick
large makeup brush
dual function makeup brush
Both of these went in the bag that was on the front of the motorcycle.

My clutch functioned as my jewelry holder. When Bryan saw my clutch waiting to be pack he said, "You are taking that?...and you need all of those (bracelets)?" I smiled sweetly and replied, "Yes."


  1. WOW - you go girl! You packed like a champ! Sounds like you did end up having fun! :)

  2. You made my day!!! I had to laugh at the jewlery holder at the end! LOVE it!!! You did awesome girl!!! So proud of you and I think you earned HUGE wife points last weekend!!! XOXO

  3. You amaze me, even as scaredy cat you are. ;)

  4. Wow! You go girl on that packing! I can't even find WHERE on the bike you put all that stuff. Glad you had fun and y'all look so cute! Don't you love a man in tight jeans and boots! Swoon..... (thinking of my man, not yours! Haha...)

  5. You never cease to AMAZE me sweetie pie! :) I could certainly learn a thing or two (or hundred) from you! Sounds like you two really enjoyed your little weekend adventure! xoxo Sending smiles your way xoxo

  6. Dang girl! You seriously amaze me. I cannot believe you were able to bring all of that with you. That's absolutely amazing. You are my hero!!


  7. wow! I am amazed you got that into the bag. You are a master of packing

  8. WOW! Way to go. Not only on the packing but also travelling so far on the bike. My hubby is a rider and has begged me for years to ride with him. I finally tried it last year, after he bought me a pink helmet, and I was scared the entire time and I only went 10 miles. You are so brave!!