Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Five

I think I mentioned recently that I have had furniture, decorating and decor on my mind. I thought I would share five images today that have recently caught my eye.

1. This settee. Need I say more?

2. What I like best about this picture is the inspiration board/cork board. The size makes it not only functional, but eye catching, too.

3. Isn't this wall art lovely? I think it adds an extra bit of character to the room. Notice the similar candlesticks?

4. Fruit. I love fruit. From using limes and lemons in the bottoms of vases to squeezing them in my water, I heart them both.

5. There is something about this picture that draws me to it. Maybe it is the striped wall, the picture on the floor, the color of the chair or the article of clothing draped over the back...I'm not really sure, but it is one of my favorite pictures that I have archived.

Could it be the heart in the above picture that makes me like it so much? Speaking of hearts and love, my dear hubby and I had our first date four years ago tomorrow. I remember our conversation in the car as we drove out to a sailboat. In my mind I thought, "I think I could marry this guy." Little did I know that eight months (to the day) later we would get engaged! Honey, if you are reading this, I am think that the piece of furniture I picked out yesterday would be a very nice first date anniversary gift. ;)


  1. I love that first sette! So gorgeous, my baby and dog would totally ruin it in one day but a girl can dream.

  2. That first setting is beautiful! And pops of turq are always gorg!