Friday, May 7, 2010

A Good Reading Day

This morning started out like every other morning. Got up, got Bryan up, fixed breakfast, made his lunch, got him out the door, fed the dogs, took a shower, make-up & hair, made a latte, raced out the door....then the not-so-every-day thing occurred. My car wouldn't start. I take that back, it started, I put it in reverse, then it died. Tried to start it again, it died. Ughhh, so frustrating because today is our last Friday of school. Only three full days next week, Field Day on Thursday morning, then graduation on Thursday night. Not that I don't mind a good day off here and there, but today was not a day that was good to be off work. I have made good use of my time at home, and gotten a few things done that have been pressing. Now the sky is dark and looks like rain could pour out at any moment. I'm sitting in the sunroom with Ivy at my feet and one of my favorite books in my lap. If you haven't ever read any of Francine River's books you HAVE to read them. Right now I'm reading Redeeming Love. It was her first book that I ever read--sometime in college. It is a historical romance novel set in the 1850s Gold Rush in California. The story is taken from the book of Hosea from the Bible. Its central theme is to portray the redeeming love of God towards sinners. Such an incredible book that tugs at the depths of your soul aching for the poor girl, Angel, and makes you eternally grateful for all that God has done in your own life. You HAVE to read it.

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