Monday, May 3, 2010

Beach House

The subject of a beach house came into being a long time ago. I have always wanted one. I will always want one. Obviously, there will not be one in the near future, but I am still optimistic that one day it will exist. Emily and I decided that we will jointly own one. Preferably on the east coast, and probably one of the Carolinas. Our beach vacations growing up were always to the Outer Banks, so naturally when we think of beachy vacations our minds are drawn in that direction. Before Emily gets married, one requirement before the guy receives my blessing is to make sure that he agrees to the beach house.

The new Pottery Barn Coastal Style came in the mail today. It got my mind whirling and wanting to already decorate a new beach house. I'm all about that light, airy, beachy feel to the house. Pastels abundant in the fabrics, seashells displayed in glass jars, anchors hanging cock-eyed on the walls. Nothing too fru-fru and nothing too formal. It cannot look like anything I would use to decorate my full-time home.

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