Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crawfish Boil

Even though we live in the south, I never had crawfish until I went to college. Well, maybe I did in dishes, but not just straight crawfish. I asked my mom yesterday if she had ever had it and she quickly replied, "NO." I told her that when she came home we would have to have a boil so she could at least say she has had it. She has only been living in the south since the fifth grade, and I think that she gets educated.

All of that being said, Bryan and I had a crawfish boil at our house on Saturday. Two of our friends, Paul and Ashley (not married), both celebrated their birthday on Friday. Paul is from New Orleans, went to LSU, and is a huge fan of crawfish boils. His fiance, Danielle, bought him a large boiling pot and burner for his birthday. After school on Friday, Ashley, Danielle and I went to Shreveport and bought two sacks of crawfish and a sack of oysters.

The weather Friday was beautiful--in the 70s! On Saturday the temp dropped, it rained and got almost miserable before it started sleeting later in the night. We ended up setting up an awning outside one of the garage doors so that the boys could cook there. Tables were set up in the garage. Paul also char-grilled oysters. Some we just ate raw. We had ourselves a true crawfish boil! I think there ended up being 13 of us. All of our friends that came are people Bryan works with (and their spouses). Emily ended up coming, too. Oh, and I must add that we had an extra black lab and spaniel running around! We had lots and lots of fun!!
Happy Eating!!!

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