Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Girl

Oh my goodness, I have so much to blog about! I think the easiest way is to do a couple of different posts on the different subjects. The most important will come first!

Drum roll....................................My sister's birthday! It was March 1st! I went to spend the day and night with her. She had to work, so I got to do some much needed shopping. I am a gift person. I LOVE gifts. Getting gifts. Giving gifts. I don't know which I love more! I had already gotten Em a nice little handful of things, but of course they just weren't enough. So, I made the rounds and went to Tulips, Scarlet and Beyond Cotton. I hit some fabulous sales and really racked up! Um...and I got myself a few things along the way. My sweet sister had pressies waiting for me at her house, too! We both love doing things for each other!
We had a huge dinner at Loca Luna. My aunt, Deatra, who lives in Florida just happens to share her birthday with Em! She was in town to celebrate, too. So for dinner it ended up being my Papa, Grandma, Mimi, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Buneva, Aunt Deatra, Bri, Chris, Em and myself. We had quite a crew! After dinner the four of us "kids" went out for a drink at Ciao Baci. It was a wonderful night had by all!
Happy birthday all month long, Em!!!

The first pic is when I took her coffee and a few presents to open at work. The next two are of her opening presents at home after dinner. The last one is of the two of us outside Ciao Baci.

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