Monday, March 29, 2010

Bizzy Bee

The bees are out and buzzing around~that is one way that I know springtime is here! When I was little I loved to walk out into the yard full of the tiny white and pink flowers. I was guaranteed to step on a bee at least once every spring. Today at school I was walking around outside and two different types of bees buzzed by. A little girl in another class came running up saying she had been stung by a bee. She made a buzzing sound, laughed and then ran off. Oh the things kids can imagine!

I have been a busy bee the past few days. With the very anticipated arrival of the parents coming home, Bryan and I are constantly making lists, crossing things off, updating them more, and so on. Yesterday I cleaned out my closet. And Emily's closet. And the "Montana room" closet. I won't even say how much stuff I got out. I researched consignment shops online, made a list and my goal was to go after school today and not come home with anything. Didn't quite happen that way.

Some of the shops had closed down. A couple were just resale and not consignment. One did end up being pretty good. As a first time consigner I could list 15 articles of clothing, a couple of prom dresses, three belts and three purses. Another shop was not taking anything for two weeks due to the owner getting married this past Saturday. After all of that hard work I needed a break, so I headed over to good ole' TJMaxx.

The most exciting find of the day is my new watch! It is beautiful! It came with original box, all papers and price tag of $750 on it--which I must add I purchased for less than 1/12 the original price!

Our family is a sauce family. We love hot sauce! BBQ sauce, ketchup (Bryan's favorite), and any kind of sauce that can be whipped up to go with a meal. One of our favorite lines of sauce is Melinda's. If you are a sauce person, go to and order some. There are all sorts of variations. Bryan's favorite is the Habanero Ketchup. Today at TJMaxx I found yummy Fire Roasted Slow-Roasted Habanero and Garlic Sauce and Chipotle Ketchup. I bought all that they had!

After my TJMaxx run and a quick bite at Chick-Fil-A I headed home. I've decided that on Saturday I will take the rest of my clothes to Plato's Closet and Buffalo Exchange while I am in Dallas. The good thing about both of them is they pay cash instantly!

Now I am off to clean again!

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