Monday, July 23, 2012

Copy Cat

If I were a designer I don't know if I would be flattered or outraged when someone copied one of my designs and re-made it. I know there have to be some sort of copyright laws, but I don't know them. We see things on the runway and then all sorts of versions of them later in boutiques or department stores. Later they trickle down into outlets and discount stores. I am not one to always notice these things, but on a recent shopping trip I spotted a copy cat. In the mornings I like to visit Target very early, right after it opens. I had about 15 minutes to kill before TJMaxx opened, so I went into Kohl's to kill some time. Bam, there was the copy cat.

Let's be honest, it's a cute dress. Enter the original dress:

This one is the exact same dress, except that it is a different color and doesn't have a belt. {And it cost an arm and a leg in NYC last spring.}

If you want a Tibi look-alike, head to Kohl's and pick up LC's version. It's great for the summer and cost a whole lot less. {Just don't judge me when you still see me wearing mine in a few years since I'll still be wearing it to get my money's worth.}


  1. The detailing in your dress is tons better in person!

  2. What shoes are you wearing? They are adorable

    1. I'm with Kelly, those shoes are cute. The Tibi dress I'm sure is much better made and worth the expense.

  3. Your dress is very pretty. I like the orange better, but I'm sure the price is much less at Khols. The details look almost exactly the same. I'm surprised that's "allowed", but it happens all the time. I guess it's good for those of us who can't always afford the more expensive pieces, though!