Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Come On Fall

This hot, southern summer is no bueno. There was a small break in the dying heat for a week because of rain, but now it's right back up to the 100s. Don't bother eating a popsicle or ice cream outside, because it will be melted by the time you take your second bite. Although the thought of putting on sweltering layers right now makes me immediately start sweating, I'm ready for the cool air that comes with the fall. And boots. I'm ready to be wearing boots.

Last year I would have said, "no way," but now I'm all about some booties. You know this camel/whiskey color is my favorite color for boots, and I am on the search for the perfect ones in ankle boots for this fall. Call me crazy {I don't know who I am becoming}, but I think I just might really like these Boutique 9 Elijah boots.

Yesterday I went ahead and ordered these little babies. They are Report "Marks" in sand. I found them on sale in my size on, and I knew that I would later regret not ordering them since they were the last in my size. I think they'll be cute with shorts, leggings, jeans and dresses.

I debated between the sand and the cognac--tough decision. 

What do you think? Bryan is a huge fan of this look, which makes it completely ok for me to have to spend a little extra cash to pull it off, right? ;) Have a great Wednesday!


  1. These boots are all gorgeous! I absolutely love this look.


  2. The booties are definitely growing on me, but I just don't think I could pull them off! Maybe I'll try a cheap pair first. :)

  3. I agree! I can't wait for summer and then half way through I'm ready for winter clothing (though it takes a lot longer for us down here as it's HOT all the way through mid-November. Halloween is usually a sweaty mess!) One can dream until then... One downside, I have a hard time trying new winter styles out. By the time I get to wear them or get used to them (or get the value out of the money I spent), it's hot again!

  4. I'm thinking I might try the booties trend this year, too. I don't know if they'll ever replace my beloved riding boots, but they are so cute!

  5. love the booties so much.... but seeing fall clothes online right now, while my car says 102, makes me extremely confused?! i like the sand pair best I think!

  6. I cant wait either. I have a pair of boots in my closet calling my name!!! Erica