Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super Simple Tacos

On Tuesday I completely forgot that I had planned on cooking a Mexican dish in the crock pot all day, so I was forced to get a little bit creative in a short amount of time before Bryan walked in the door. I am sure that a lot of us, myself included, have made some form or variation of this before while making tacos. It was super simple.

Super Simple Chicken Tacos

I chose to grill mine. I let the chicken breasts marinate for a few minutes in olive oil and a paprika, lemon and lime spice blend that I have among my spices. OR You can cut up slices of chicken and saute it in a pan. OR You can use the pre-cooked chicken tenders that come frozen or fresh. Basically, use whatever chicken you have on hand.

Veggie Mixture:
This is where it gets super easy. Instead of cutting up all of your taco toppings and placing them individually in a bowl or or a platter mix them all at once in a bowl.

1 can corn or I cooked some frozen corn, then rinsed it under cold water to chill it quickly.
1 can Rotel or diced tomatoes
purple onion, diced
fresh cilantro, chopped roughly
1/2 can black beans, rinsed
1 avocado
salt and pepper, to taste
squeeze 1-2 limes over the top, toss
cheese to top the tacos, I used Feta (sprinkle on the top of the tacos before serving)

All of this can be mixed up and placed in the refrigerator until the chicken is ready. Wait about five minutes before slicing the chicken to seal in the juices.

Heated tortillas are the best. If you have a gas stove, just place them over the open flame, turning them so they do not burn or catch on fire. If you do not have a gas, place the tortillas in a pan to warm. If you want them slightly crispy heat some oil, get it really hot, then pop them in for about 20-30 seconds on each side.

*I have made this in so many different ways before. It can even be eaten as a fresh salsa with chips. An alternative is to use apple cider vinegar and a hot sauce (Tabasco) mixture.

Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!


  1. quick and easy tacos are my go to if I am running late when it comes to making dinner. I have never tried corn on them before so I definitely think this will be a must next time. I also never thought about having Rotel on hand for this purpose. xo

  2. Thursday night is always taco night for my boyfriend and I! You've inspired me to try some cilantro, peppers, & feta tonight instead of the usual mexican cheese mix!

  3. These sound delish! You can never go wrong with tacos in our house.

  4. Mexican food is my favorite Those look so good. We always do ground beef but I like the idea of chicken and adding corn!