Tuesday, January 10, 2012

HBD + Mules

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday! When I asked him what he would like to do, his reply was that he wanted to spend the night at home with me. I also asked about the kind of dinner he would like and kind of cake he would like. Seafood and a good cake. Thank goodness I do not have a picky husband! Now I just have to come up with a few wonderful creations for our evening meal. Seafood recipes, anyone? If only I could make a cake like this.  

Bryan is a man of many talents and hobbies, each of which he becomes very passionate about. This is a good thing, and sometimes a bad thing. (Hunter's wives, can you catch my drift?) Anyway, the beginning of this past weekend's travels actually goes back a few years. Somewhere along the way, once my sister and I got older, our ownership of horses somehow turned into the ownership of mules. Not the kind that are driven around a deer camp, but four-legged creatures that graze in your pasture. For some reason, a couple of years ago for Christmas my dad gave Bryan the two "babies" Gus and Ellie. Long story short, my parents, Bryan and I (Emily met us there from Ohio) ventured over to Kentucky to check on the training of three of our mules.

You may be asking yourself what in the world we are going to do with these animals. Good question. I will not be doing much with them at all, other than looking out the window at them when I am at the farm. Bryan and my dad are giddy with delight thinking about all of the mountain streams they can find and the elk that will be hung in the upstairs of my mother's house. Did I mention that Bryan went hog hunting with his new Amish friends on Gus while we were there?

The funniest moment was when my mother mentioned something about being a typically normal American family on our little venture. Do any of you other normal American families go across four states to visit your mules in training? Have a great day!


  1. hahah oh so funny!!! I'm sharing this story with my husband, who will thinks it's awesome I'm sure! He is a passionate fisherman and hunter, which I grew up with a dad who was the same. I understand you completely! :)

  2. Hahahaha! This is so funny! :)

    I made a fabulous crab mac and cheese a few weeks ago that would be fun for a seafood-loving man. http://www.closetcooking.com/2010/12/crab-mac-and-cheese.html Have fun celebrating!