Monday, December 19, 2011

Wrapping Gifts

I'm willing to bet that a lot of you spent the weekend purchasing Christmas gifts. It is extremely fun for me to run around by myself and pick out things for others, but I might like wrapping the gifts even more than picking them out in the store. To me, wrapping gifts can be a beautiful form of art. It adds a lot to your holiday decor under the tree, but I like to add them mantles or the tops of furniture to add depth, dimension and a little extra holiday flare in other areas in the house, too.

The sky is the limit when it comes to wrapping gifts. One year I used brown Kraft paper with different red, gold and green ribbons on each package. This year my wrapping paper matches our Christmas decor. In case you haven't started wrapping yet, I've found a few different creative ideas to share.  

Using stamps to spell out names or messages on a package adds a nice personal touch. All you need is a package of letter stamps and an ink pad.

This option is a little more time consuming, but adds a personal touch to each gift, too.

I think this confetti idea is pure genius! How cute would it be with red and green for Christmas?!?

Another natural looking option is to use twine or ribbon and buttons.

I do not have any extra maps just lying around, but you sure might. Talk about a good way to recycle.

Another great old-fashioned way to recycle is by using newspaper. I know we all have those lying around. Add candy cane colors and a monogram or letter for an extra personal touch.

Add any festive holiday object that you might not normally thing to use on a gift. 

Who wouldn't like a tasty treat on top?

Making your own tags are so simple. There are stickers and pre-made stamps that are specifically for tags on Christmas gifts at your local craft store.

Who says you have to use the traditional red and green for Christmas gifts? I think these colors are beautiful together.

Any extra sprigs from your wreath or mantle? Tie them on the top for beautiful presentation.

Alright folks, get busy wrapping!

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