Friday, December 2, 2011

Cyber Monday + Wants

That famous day dubbed Black Friday got nothing out of me. I refuse to fight the crowds to get a few good deals. Maybe when I have kids it will be different, but this girl would rather shop online. I did participate in the great day called Cyber Monday. I scored a few good deals, purchasing these few items from Ruche for myself. I liked the top shirt to wear under a cardi, the copper one to wear casually with jeans, and I'm hoping the skirt is cute for my Christmas cocktail party and doesn't look cheapy.

Upcoming wedding? Yes, we have two in the next three weeks. This is our one weekend home this month. Please someone order this Tibi dress for me and mail it to my house.

I'm toying with the idea of ordering this Tibi blouse. By the time you read this I might or might not have made the purchase. Hum...

I still want this DVF scarf. Rather, this pattern in anything. Santa, are you listening?
 I have some birthday money and cannot decide what should be my splurge! I really want a gold watch that can be worn alone or with bangles. Dr. Ash and I are doing a little Christmas shopping this weekend, so hopefully I can look at a few things for myself, too.


  1. Can I come live in your closet please?

  2. Love that red skirt!!! :) you have a great taste

    follow me :)