Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thank-You Notes

The art of writing thank-you notes is very sadly being forgotten by many, yet it is still a polite and courteous gesture that should never me eliminated in my book. My mother taught me to always write a thank-you note whenever a gift was received. Not only that, but any time you are invited and attend a party or visit someone in their home, it is a polite way to show your appreciation. Here are a few tips:

*Always handwrite your thank-you note.

*Use a black or blue pen, never a colored pen or pencil. (Unless you are a child drawing a picture with a crayon.)

*Do not include fewer than three sentences in your note.

*It is never to early to start your child writing his or her own note. If they cannot write, simply let them draw a picture or their name one that you have written for them.

*Upon receiving money or a gift card, treat is like any other gift. If you have something specific in mind you will be purchasing with it, be sure to include that in your note. Do not indicate the specific amount you received.

*Not just when you receive money, but with any gift feel free to explain how you plan on using it. "The picture frame looks perfect on our fireplace mantle."

*Be sure to personalize your note by making it descriptive. Say more than, "Thank you for the gift." Say, "I was thrilled to find a sweater in the exact shade of pink that I love!"

*Reiterate your gratitude again at the end of your note. 

*Even if you do not like your gift, remember that is the thought that counts.

*Get your note into the mail as soon as possible.



  1. Great reminders! My sister always makes fun of me b/c I put mine in the mail the day after Christmas…I'm such an OCD'er that needs to cross things off my list!