Friday, December 30, 2011


Bryan and I have spent the past week back and forth all over the place. I have some wonderful pictures and stories to share, but they will all have to wait until next Tuesday. Bryan should be leaving the ducks alone soon and then we will be headed out of town, once again. I am beyond excited to be spending the day with my oldest best friend shopping and doing whatever our little hearts please. We never get to spend time together alone, so I can hardly wait!

I have not written any posts for this weekend, nor do I intend to, so be sure to come back next Tuesday for a jam-packed post. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys another fun-filled holiday weekend. We will be having a relaxing New Years Eve dinner with friends, but I can hardly wait to see a lot of you all dressed up in your sparkly outfits. I helped baby sister get her sequined dress all set to go, with matching nails and earrings. Love!!

Maybe I won't be wearing a shimmering dress, but I do plan on sipping on a little bubbly. You cannot celebrate New Years without a little of that, right?

I may be secretly taking shots of espresso in the back room to stay awake, but you had better believe I will be getting a sweet kiss from my hubby. Keep your eye on the clock, girls!

Be sure to be safe and have a fantastic time!


  1. Happy NYE! I hear some bubbly with a gummy bear in it is amazing and I think this will be the time I try it. Heard from Tenley (Bachelor show)!

  2. Happy New Years! Sounds like fun relaxing night in! I'll be partying it up in a sparkly dress! Hahahahha. I love that picture of the girl with the HUGE bow!

  3. Happy Happy New Year to my sweet friend!!!! I hope that you guys have a fun & blessed weekend!

    I am having a fun link up Monday to show off all Santa brough, I'd love you to link up. Details are ova at my place:)