Saturday, October 9, 2010

To Cut or Not To Cut?

My hair has always been straight with no body. It will not hold a curl, no matter what is done to it. Only in the past year have I convinced myself that I do not have to wash my hair every day, and space it out to every other day a few times a week. My dear hubby once announced, "Honey, if your hair had a personality it would be lame." Some might see that as a harsh and hateful comment. As for me, I know it is exactly the truth. I would have been perfect as a hippie girl with long, straight hair.

Right now, my hair is insanely long. I've been growing it out for Locks of Love, and plan on getting it chopped off sometime in the next couple of months. I despise when my hair is in my face. I usually have it somehow tucked behind my ears, but with enough out and around them that it has a very "fixed" look.

Here is the dilemma...should I take the plunge and get bangs? I seem to always hate them when they are cut--though it has been five or six years since I last had that sort of "longer, side-swept bangs" look. I would normally say no, no, no and convince myself that this is a very stupid idea. But then I saw this picture.
I just wonder if mine would look and stay this way. To cut or not to cut?


  1. If I looked decent with bangs I would so rock them. Go for it!

  2. Personally, bangs drive me nuts. I always keep my at least nose length. You would be so cute with bangs! There are programs online that let you upload your picture and then try on different hair styles to see how you would look. Find a free version of one and have fun!

  3. My hair is the SAME way..stick straight and won't hold a curl for more than 2 minutes. And I always have to have it off of my face. Bangs would drive me nuts. I'm sure you could pull it off though! It will always grow back if you don't like them! :)

  4. grows! I think full bangs are fun!