Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amy's Sketchbook

Loving these sketches of Tibi.


  1. I'm loving them too, Hannah!! Especially the first one!!

  2. My post for tomorrow is on Tibi! I loved seeing these sketches. The shoes in each are fabulous!

  3. So cute - especially the leopard!

  4. Hi my sweet Hannah, how are you love? These sketches are just all TOO CUTE! I love them! Oh, and you should totally be modeling for Tibi. So you and so perfect on your cute figure! :)

    Thank you for the darling offer to spend some time away at our little beach house :) I swear, it was just MADE for us!! In all seriousness, I've been so busy during my break between work and all sorts of life changes happening, it's been one crazy year, I tell ya! I'm slowly making my way back to the blog world, but couldn't feel right about it without visiting my favorite ladies :) Hope all is well in your world, sending you a great big hug and kiss!! xoxo Trishy