Tuesday, October 5, 2010

T-rrific Tuesday

With the weather cooling, it is time to stock up on those ever-needed 3/4 length and long-sleeve t-shirts. Whether wearing alone or layered, one can never have too many t-shirts. Layering is a habit of mine that I practice almost daily in the fall and winter months. I can never have enough white or black shirts to put underneath other shirts or sweaters. I am having to constantly remind myself that it is fashionably ok to pair dots with stripes. Some days I think I need a fashion expert to come in and tell me what items I can put together. But, for now I will leave you with a few shirts on your T-rrific Tuesday.
.(For those of you who saw this post with my misspelling please forgive me. My brain was spelling it the right way all night long, my fingers just did not match it in typing)


  1. The Anthro ones have to be my favorite! Oh how I wish they were cheaper so I could buy more of their stuff!

  2. I wish I had more long sleeves! Emily and I are going to have to shop!