Monday, October 11, 2010

J.R. Watkins

While visiting the in-laws last weekend, I noticed my MIL had a new set of hand soap and lotion by the kitchen sink. Always up for new lotion, I squeezed some on my hands. Oohlala, did I love it! I am not a huge fan of lemon smells, but this had the right amount of lemon, with a hint of sweetness. In college I loved a line that Bath and Body Works carried, which had a lemon meringue lotion. This scent reminds me of it. The lotion is not too greasy or too light. My MIL had received her set as a hostess gift, but I found the same line at Target a few days later. After browsing online, it seems as though it is a popular natural product line. You should try it out!

Lemon Creme Lotion

Gentle Pore Scrub

Since I snagged the lotion, I noticed that the pore scrub was on sale, so it ended up in my shopping cart, too. I actually think it is one of my favorite pore scrubs. Just the right about of grittiness, does not dry the face out, and leaves it feeling slightly moisturized. It will most certainly be purchased again. Be sure to let me know if you try either of these products or if you use any other J. R. Watkins products.


  1. Oh la la, thanks for the heads up on this. I've always thought the lemon scent was fresh and clean and not too heavy. May have to go check this out at Target! :)

  2. I love this line - and the labels are so cute (at least as cute as what is in inside).
    Thanks for stopping by Sanity Fair!