Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor Guru

Holiday Gift Guide

How is the Christmas shopping going? Thank you to all of you who have sent me messages or left comments about items you have found through my Gift Guides. It does take me a while to get them together, and it really encourages me when I get positive feedback from you. Picking gifts for people who love the outdoors can be difficult since there are so many outdoor activities. Let me tell you, it is much easier to find things for men than women! Here are a few of the things I've found. Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Outdoor Guru



  1. I STILL have all of Husband's old Field and Stream Magazines (12 years worth....well, not quite), but he LOVES that magazine. He's a Ky boy. :-)

  2. I have not started shopping yet. Home with sick kids:( Thank goodness I will have your lists to help me make up some time!

  3. I love your gift choices! I got the boy a YETI best choice ever!