Saturday, December 1, 2012

Birthday Day

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes that you sent my way. I had a very relaxing, wonderful day. Bryan got up and made homemade biscuits, eggs and bacon. Bless his heart, but the biscuit recipe was not written down correctly and they were awful!They didn't rise and were a tad bit salty. He was such a sweetheart getting up so early to cook for me before he went to work. I had a Lululemon bag sitting in my chair at the kitchen table. I was super excited!
Ivy and I went for a hike on a new trail that I hadn't been on before. It was a fairly warm day and I got hot in the fleece that I was wearing.
There are a couple of restaurants that Bryan and I really want to try, but we opted to go to a local sushi favorite of ours. Everything was very yummy.

Next week I'm going to get a new iPhone!!! Finally you won't have to endure the horrible quality pictures that I keep posting. I'm also going back and forth over the Canon vs. Nikon debate over a good camera. Thoughts?? I was very bummed that Bryan and I didn't get a picture together, so we took one once we got home.
My neighbor brought me a bottle of wine and another friend brought me a variety of tea--she insists she is going to make me a tea snob! When I opened my mail box, it was full of sweet birthday cards. I certainly felt like the birthday girl all day long! I am looking forward to my last year in my 20's, I know it will be a good one!


  1. Glad you had a great birthday! I am drooling over that sushi and buscuits. Good eats girl!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! I am a Cannon girl. Love them.

    Come say hello and enter to win some of my upcoming give aways. I have two coming up!


  3. Glad you had a great birthday! :)