Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Verse

Growing up I remember playing with the nativity set that my mother had placed on our buffet each year during the Christmas season. There were three angles hanging at the top and I always imagined them saying this verse. My mother loves telling the story about how my little sister would pull out her Barbies and have them worship the baby Lord Jesus. Do you all have a nativity set somewhere in your house? I realized last year that I didn't have a full set anywhere as decor. Back in October I found a Fontanini set at Tuesday Morning! It's the little things that add such special touches here and there.

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  1. I love how your sister made her Barbies worship the baby Jesus! That's too cute. Growing up, my brother and I were obsessed with all of the nativity sets at my grandparents' house, rearranging each one multiple times over the holiday season and playing with them for hours. We were silly kids - baby Jesus often ended up on the barn roof ("Heaven") and the cute little lamb in the manger. Lol