Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Musings

Hello, Monday. Did you all have a good weekend? Lots happened for us around here. Friday seems like so long ago I can barely remember what we did, which was have a quiet dinner at home and then sit in the hot tub with a glass of wine while the snow swirled around. This is what it looked like last week:
I had to work at the boutique on Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't too busy, but I did have a few good sales. Saturday night Bryan and I helped with the fall carnival at church. All of the little kids looked adorable dressed up in their costumes. We helped with pumpkin bowling, which was pretty hilarious.
On the weekends I like to make a big breakfast. Bryan said that he really wanted pancakes, so the hungry man got pancakes. Martha Stewart has the best buttermilk pancake recipe, but this time I used a mix from World Market. All I did was chop up some fresh strawberries to make them extra yummy!
Did you know that there is a new J. Crew Factory site? There is a store about three minutes from my house, which can be a really good thing or a really bad thing. I went to Bath and Body Works the other night and saw a big sale sign in J. Crew...which meant I had to stop and run in quickly. You know how I adore spots!
Last night I received a text from my sister who has been changing up furniture in her house. I have to share this because I am very impressed with this dresser that she has repainted. Isn't it fantastic!?!
That's all I have to share with you today. Have a great Monday!


  1. snow already? I would cry lol. I currently live by an outlet mall and go into the J.Crew store constantly. Unfortunately now I will be moving and will no longer be near an outlet which is a bummer. xx

  2. Snow! OMG!

    I have that same J. Crew shirt from last year - paid full price in the regular J. Crew. UGH!

  3. I have been kicking myself about not buying that shirt since it first came out! Lucky girl!!

  4. Snow already really? That is crazy you can keep it! I so do not want it any where near me this colder weather is bad enough. The shirt is super cute & sis did a great job on the repainting :) I love the way it looks...

  5. Snow this early seems a little crazy, but as soon as you mentioned the hot tub and a glass of wine, I was SOLD. :)

    What a cute refinished dresser!

  6. That dresser is gorgeous!

  7. The snow looks gorgeous! There's always something so magical when the snow is so white. :)