Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five

1. Apparently it became fall yesterday. I awoke to below freezing temperatures and donned a scarf while Ivy and I ran errands. To me, it has already felt like fall weather, but to locals they said it was finally feeling like fall.
2. Our condo came partly furnished {living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture} when we moved into it, so instead of having to pay extra to have our landlords store it we opted to keep it and get rid of some of our furniture. One of the downfalls is that none of it is my taste. See the fabric on the couch? Definitely rustic and hard to find a rug to match that I actually like. This one from World Market might work. I would prefer a lighter solid colored rug, but I'm afraid too much Ivy hair would show. Thoughts?

3. Do you know how hard it is to find a slim bookcase and desk? I went everywhere yesterday looking for both. I also looked for a rug, guest bedroom bedding, guest bathroom decor, the list could go on and on. Add a mirror to the list, because this is what I had to do earlier in the week when I sent my sister an outfit picture. {Yes, I know it is horrible, don't judge my poor phone's camera quality, the lighting or the fact that I'm standing on a chair.}
4. This week I've been back in the cooking mode. If you've seen my Pinterest Good Eats + Recipes board you know I've been pinning a lot. One of the things I tried was Gnocchi with Butternut Squash and Kale. I modified the original recipe and will share it next week.
5. I began my wishful thinking birthday list over two moths ago.
a new phone
My sister's bestie's response was, "If you get all of those you can't have Tibi's fall line."
You can add a camera and money tree to the list and I'll still take all of the above. ;) Happy Friday, friends!


  1. How can we plant a money tree haha!?!

    I've heard some people getting pretty pieces of furniture at Target, surprisingly enough!

  2. Love your blog--just found it the other day! I have a solid colored, natural jute rug from World Market, and I think it would be fine with your dog. After all, it's survived my two year old just fine!

  3. Rugs are always the HARDEST part of a room for me. I think that one will match great - and so what if there's some Ivy hair that shows. She's part of the fam and it's nothing a vacuum can't fix!

  4. That gnocchi looks amazing! I can't wait to see your recipe. I'm jealous of your fall weather. Today I had to wear shorts- over 80 degrees!

  5. I can't even imagine waking to below freezing temps! It's still in the upper 80's here!

  6. I would love a money tree as well! Rugs are always the hardest for me to find. Good luck! xo

  7. My birthday is next month so I've started brainstorming a list!!

  8. You look so cozy in the first picture! I would love to find one of those money trees as well. ;)