Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I want a new purse. There, I said it plain and simple. Recently I have been thinking that I should probably get something that will be able to brave the ice and snow that will soon be coming in by the bucket load, because I really don't want to ruin anything nice. But then there's the problem of me liking nice handbags...hum. I was a little bit shocked when Bryan mentioned the other day that I needed to consider something else to carry. He opened that can of worms, thus he got drug all through Nordstrom while I pointed to and touched all of the different purses he could surprise me with as a gift. Since I am allowed to dream, I dream big.
Untitled #51

Yves Saint Laurent Muse
Must I say more? It is a classic in this rich buttery leather.

Kate Spade Nylon Leslie
It might boil down to this bag being my winter weather bag pick. It is fun and classy, zips up and has a beautiful interior. I like that it is nylon, which means it doesn't have any leather to ruin in the winter weather.

Prada Saffiano
I have been dying to get my hands on this bag. It is everything in person that it is in pictures. Top.Of.My.List.

Tory Burch Robinson
This baby has been on my radar ever since it first was released.

Longchamp Le Pliage
Very practical for hauling my shoes and other goods back and forth to work. It can get tossed around and I'm not going to think twice about using the heck out of it.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tate
This tote would also be practical to use in the winter months while facing the weather. (Em, do you already have this?)

These are a few that I am lusting over considering. I would love feedback from you. If you have seen anything else that I might like to use in the snow, please share.



  1. I love the Robinson bag. That leather did feel quite durable. And the long champ is so inexpensive compared to the others, you have to get that one too :) it wou,d be great for casual things as well as hauling your shoes.

  2. I have the Robinson in black that I got (on sale!) this Spring. I just started using it for Fall and I love it. It is the sturdy of all sturdy bags, has a divider and I like that it sits up on its own unlike some. How exciting! I'm jealous!

  3. I am on the search for a new bag as well, I love all of your choices...such a hard decision, but I think my favorite is the Tory Burch Robinson

  4. I LOVE that Tory bag, oh my gosh!

    I would honestly go for a Longchamp. They are so durable and I believe you can wash them (someone double check this for me though).

    I'm a sucker for cheap purses that I can use and then toss after I use the heck out of them! Check TJ Maxx for some good cheaper bags!

  5. Love them all! I think I love the Tory one the most, or the Prada. I unfortunately have expensive taste when it comes to all things really, but mainly handbags. I just ordered a TB last week during the Shopbop sale.

  6. I have the Longchamp bag and love it. Perfect for all weather. Just pay attention to the shoulder strap length...I bought mine at the Hong Kong airport and the straps aren't the normal length so I can't really wear it as a shoulder bag :(

  7. One day I hope to have a saffiano as well. That bag is just too perfect! I agree it may be best to get both a longchamp or other more casual bag with a zip top in addition to a leather one. I love the J.Crew bags as well and have a few that I've had for years and the leather keeps getting better with age.

  8. Love my longchamp, but I'm loving that #1!!!

  9. Yeah I already have the bag in black. I'll ship it to you if you want it.