Friday, May 27, 2011

We're Going On WHAT?!?!

I know that everyone has to be ready for this long weekend, right? Bryan is leaving work at noon and then we will be on our way! Where? Only about 700 miles will be driven throughout the course of the next 4 days. We have to be at a different location each day.

Last night he announced that we would be driving the motorcycle. Um, WHAT?!?! I have not ridden that thing more than three times, and two of those times were around the yard and into the pasture. I am NOT a motorcycle gal. I have given every excuse in the book to him in the past 12 hours as to why we should NOT drive it. Seriously, where is everything going to be packed? You know what he told me before he left this morning? To take either a comb or a hairbrush. WHAT?!?! I quickly declared myself a sissy and not adventuresome, to which he just laughed, smiled and said, "Yes, you are." I am already getting anxiety thinking about going around curves so close to the pavement. And there is no swaying his mind once it is made up. Please. Pray. For. Me.

What will I be packing for the weekend? Good question. Since I couldn't get a final answer on what we will be packing our things into, this is probably I will be able to take. Do you think it would fit into a fanny pack around my waist?

Gotta share this deal that I snagged yesterday. I noticed a new resale shop last time I ate at one of my favorite delis. Yesterday I went it to find out their policy for consigning with them. While I was there I spied this little baby. Yep, Milly, new with tags. Not my size, but Emily will be getting a package in the mail next week.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!


  1. oh my god! I CANNOT wait to hear how this weekend goes on the bike!!!! Please, send me msgs! I'm already dying over here! A fanny pack?! hahaha! you know they are back in style right, hahahahahaha! I love you girl! Have so much fun and BE CAREFUL!!! XOXOX

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't believe you're getting on that bike and going 700 miles!

    Love that top!

  3. Oh my gosh you must be joking! I would be on crazy panic attack. It's been raining everywhere! Your husband is crazy I will definitely be praying for you!!!! The Milly shirt is so cute! I ran into TJ Maxx the other day and usually I panic as soon as I walk in I hate going through rakes and rakes of clothes that have been put everywhere. However I did leave with two Tibi dresses and one Milly for under $100 that was exciting since I dont know how to bargain shop.


  4. Oh my goodness, Hannah!! I can't wait to hear the recap of this trip! Have fun and be safe, sweet girl!!


  5. Ummm, yes, I would be throwing a hissy fit too, not necesarily about the bike, but where on earth to pack everything! :-) It sounds like a great adventure, be safe!!

  6. Oh mercy, a MOTOR?? Sending ya some travel mercies:)

    Hope your weekend is FAB!! BE SAFE!!!!


    ps- text & let me know you arrive safe, pls!

  7. Not trying to freak you out, but I would definitely be freaking out, too! Please be safe!

    That Milly top is TOO cute! Great find!

  8. What an adventure! Have a fun...and safe trip! :) Love the top too. Great colors!

  9. OH my goodness!! the top is gorgeous :)

    following you now :)

    xo Ashley

  10. I cannot WAIT to hear all about your trip! Your bikini is adorable, and I'd love a little resale shop near me to have such cute items! :)