Thursday, May 19, 2011

NYC Part 2

All I can tell you is to get ready to drool. Tursday night's dinner took place at Arturo's, a splendid little Italian restaurant. Jana and I split a chicken dish with sun-dried tomatoes. It was so tasty that we devoured the whole plate.

After dinner we headed over to the Dove Parlor, where we had reservations for cocktails. We did not spend a single dime. I guess New York men have never seen beautiful southern girls, so the free drinks just kept flowing. (In our heads we tallied it up and they spent well over $1000 buckaroos!!) Drinks were had at multiple locations during the trip, but this was the most note-worthy.

Friday night we ate at Alta, where the tapas were amazing. Of course we all shared, but I ordered the Pulled Pork Empanadas, Angus Beef Sliders in Turkish Yufka Pastry and my favorite, the Warm Crab Salad.

Kara and I spent Saturday by ourselves going to an assortment of places all over the city. We at lunch at Bar Americain, which came highly recommended by her parents. I had the Boston Lettuce, Poached Egg, and Buttermilk-Blue Cheese salad.

After lots of shopping, the two of us girls needed a little pick-me-up.Add Image What better place than Saks to have a cocktail?

Our best dinner was saved for last. It was at Buddakan. Sound familiar? If you watched the first SATC movie it is where Carrie and Big have their rehearsal dinner. You know the big, long table? We sat right beside it in the swankiest booth with a full view of the place. You walk down stairs into a large room, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Beautiful. The Carrot Dumplings and Edamame Dumplings were wonderful appetizers, and my Hot and Sour Scallops were probably the best I have ever eaten. Just about everyone else had the Kung Pao Monkfish, which was also incredibly delish.

When I go on trips I always enjoy eating new dishes that I cannot find at home. The food on this trip was extremely excellent. Good thing we walked so much!


  1. Wow! All the food looks out of this world, and you have the most gorgeous wardrobe ever!


  2. Wow you all had a blast. I seriously think that is true that those northern boys don't ever see cute, southern girls!!!

    PS - Love your dress in the last couple pictures. Where is it from?

  3. What fun!!! And fabulous food! Definately taking note of these places. Y'all look beautiful too!

  4. I love Buddakan! You had such a great trip, and yes, that last dress is so cute. Is it Tibi?

  5. LOVE Buddakan!!! And I must have all your dresses! :)