Friday, May 20, 2011

NYC Part 3

Now for the shopping part of the trip. Quite honestly, none of us girls really went on a big spending spree and purchased a lot. A could of them actually went home empty handed! First, I must mention the super cute shirts that Kara's dad's company made for us. Aren't they adorable? I wore mine on Monday when I was cleaning out my classroom and got a couple of sweet comments on it.
I am the kind of person who is completely overwhelmed when I walk into an H&M or Forever21 store. The H&M was HUGE, but I walked away with only jewelry. On the other hand, I went into Zara, where I haven't shopped in-person in years, and could have purchased many items. I snagged a couple of striped shirts and a green linen tunic (of which I cannot find a picture).
Tibi made me swoon. I've been in the St. Simons store before, but there is just something about being in Tibi on Wooster. Yep, I tried on lots and lots. I adored so many of the prints, but there are lots of blues right now, which really are not my color. This top picture is probably my favorite pattern right now. But, I could not find something that I just loved in it.

I also tried on a dress in this pattern, but it wasn't very flattering.

I ended up getting a solid, classic dress, which is so beautiful. (Thank you Mom!!)

This dress I tried on in a light lavender/mushroom, fell in love, found out it was sold out everywhere in my size, and resorted to having it shipped in charcoal, which is stunning.

I did treat myself to a little iPhone cover. They make them for suckers like me!
And even Em got a little something special from Tibi on Wooster.
I could not figure out what to take home to Bryan, but when I walked in the Saks chocolate store I knew exactly what he would love.

There were also other small things purchased here and there. The Young Designers Market had such fun stuff, and I did pick up a few items. Some are gifts that have not been given yet, so I am not going to post pictures.


  1. The top shirt your friends dad made is absolutely adorable! Bummer about not being able to go on a big shopping spree. Nothing in stores has been wowing me lately the colors aren't my style and everything seems so unflattering.


  2. umm I am obsessed with Tibi!! Love the dress you got and I am not going to lie I kind of want that phone cover. I am dying to hit up the St Simmons outlet it is only about 3 hours from here so I need to make the trip!