Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Five

Is it really Friday? Thank goodness! Though this week went by pretty quickly, I admit that I was dreading having to go to work today. Not that anything was wrong, and you know I adore my little munchkins, but sometimes I just do not want to have to go through all of the physical actions of getting ready and driving. God really smiled on me today, because I am sitting here in bed, in my bathrobe, writing this! Here are five things that I am loving today.

1. My truly wonderful husband, who I am eternally grateful to have as my very own.

2. That I awoke to snow on the ground, snow falling heavily and no work today!

3. This is one of my favorite photos from the week.

4. This Louis Vuitton trunk. Hopefully, someday I will have one of these as decor in my home.

5. Next week at this time I will be on a weekend vacation!

Happy Friday, my lovelies!


  1. great photos! love the Panam picture :)

  2. Great photos!!! Hope you have a great weekend honey! You are so lucky to have a hubby you love to death! Kori xoxo