Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Etsy Time

I could spend hours a day on the computer. Literally. Hours. I could look at blogs all day, I could search eBay all day, I could browse online shops all day, I could scour fashion websites all day, and lately I could explore Etsy all day. There are multitudes of amazing things on Etsy!

I recently found one that I thought was worth sharing. Decorative Instincts is a smaller store, but don't let the size fool you. Chicago based, it specializes in fashion-forward accessories for the home. There is not a single thing on Decorative Instincts that I would not love to have in my home. I cannot decide if the Imperial Trellis Wastebasket or Suzani Apron is my favorite! Head on over and check this fabulous store out!


  1. Oh Hannah, Etsy is a black hole! I could stay on there all freakin' day. There's so much to find!! The jewelry and stationery, especially suck me in!

  2. What great patterns!!! I love the magazine organizers. Such a chic but useful item!

  3. Hey Hannah!! Thanks for your sweet post! It was so good to hear from you!! It's been a long time- Hope you are doing well! I absolutely love Etsy as well... as you saw, I bought a rug for our nursery from there! : ) I will be checking in on you from time to time now that I know you have a blog as well! Take care!