Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Month of March

When my schedule got so crazy around the Christmas holidays, I did something I would never do. I purchased a dry erase board for my fridge. I cannot explain to you how much I hate those things. Half tacky, half just plain yucky, I do not like them. There was literally no room in my kitchen to hang a cute calendar where I could write notes.  So now, I am one a person with a dry erase board on my fridge. To help a bit, the hubby took me on a date to Michael's where I purchased all sorts of fun colored dry erase markers. They make it a tad bit better.  

I stumbled across this calendar on Pinterest. No, you cannot make notes on it, but it would be perfect in a frame on a counter or desk. Click here to go to the website for a free printable version.

Speaking of believing, these are some things I believe in...

I'm beyond giddy with excitement that tomorrow night I am taking a class on how to make the perfect French Macaron. I've wanted to learn for such a long time and it is finally happening! The University of Utah offers tons of classes on everything from the art of tea to how to grow herbs. 


Even more exciting, my best friend and her hubby are coming to visit this month...and then a week later my sister is coming to visit!! March is by far the best month that has happened in a while. I'm looking forward to lots of girl time spent giggling and sipping on fruity drinks.

March is also the perfect time to add spring flowers to your table. If it were up to me, there would continuously be fresh flowers on our table at home. My Valentine's Day flowers have just about had it. I've got to remind myself to pick up new ones at the grocery store.

Anything you are looking forward to this month? My dry erase calendar is full of fun events!


  1. Ohhh I live for Tulips on my counter. I just need to be home long enough to make them worth it to buy!

  2. I agree, March is going to be FABULOUS month! ;)

  3. That's so cool that you can take classes like that!! I need to take an herb class myself.

  4. Looking forward to Easter so I can dress out sweet baby up!

  5. I have a dry-erase board in our office ... so helpful for keeping up with things! I got a monogram sticker (just the letter R for our last name) and that made it much prettier - maybe you could search on Etsy for one to dress yours up!