Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home...For A Day

Hello, friends! I'm back from my trip to Florida and am trying to get rid of these bloodshot eyes, dark circles under my eyes and that feeling of pure exhaustion. First of all, none of my posts or guest posts that I had planned on you all reading while I was gone worked, except the one talking about sunny Florida on Saturday. Let me clarify, I did not get to soak up any rays or enjoy any nice weather at all. I went to Jacksonville for the biannual Kappa Kappa Gamma convention. I thought we were going to be on the beach--no, we were on the river and stared at the blue bridge. Ok, at least I could enjoy the pool and sunny Florida--no, the weather was miserable and I was constantly busy. Other than that, my trip was wonderful! I met so many incredible people, learned valuable information, reunited with old friends and got a little sister time in with Emily when she got a {30 second} break from working for the foundation.

My phone decided to really be the piece of junk that it is and take horrible pictures. Most of them are grainy or were taken in bad lighting, and I really didn't take just a ton anyway.

Two of my pledge sisters were there, one which I didn't know was coming until I saw her walk through the front door and into the lobby. We just might have both screamed and caused a small scene.

{Katie, Me, Roo}

My chapter, Gamma Nu, Arkansas, won the Most Outstanding Chapter award!! Only one chapter in the country is given this honor. It was quite exciting!

The chapter I advise is Zeta Rho, Colgate, in New York. Two of my girls were there and we were able to spend a good amount of time together. They are such fun girls!

{Sarah, Me, Hannah}

I have a few other pictures, but they really aren't good at all, so I'll spare you and the people in them the pain of seeing them. Yellow, anyone?

{Roo, Me, Em D}

The sweetest woman kept trying to take a picture of me with Emily under the balloon arch, but bless her heart she took about 10 and something was wrong with all of them. This is the one that survived.

On my way home I met this adorable little lady. She was traveling home to Colorado with her new mama. We played and played until she curled up between my leg and purse and crashed.

I averaged about five hours of sleep each night, thus I am trying desperately to get revived and refreshed before Bryan and I head out of town tomorrow for his brother's wedding. Today I'm watching the kiddos, but then I have a million and one errands to run, laundry to wash and packing to do before we leave. The pictures from this coming weekend are guaranteed to be better. ;)


  1. your white shift dress is gorgeous!

  2. Bummer girl. The lake and beach are NOT the same. That's a disappointment, but glad you got to spend time with friends. And that puppy is the cutest thing ever!!!

  3. Just found your blog today and I really look forward to following you! Sounds like a fun time and great pictures! Erica

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