Monday, June 11, 2012

Funday Monday

Happy Monday, sweets! I hope each of you had a fun-filled weekend. Bryan and I were able to spend a full weekend at home, which was just what we have needed. Friday night we went to our favorite hot wing spot and watched Tyler and Brittany participate in The Newlywed Game, which was absolutely hilarious. Saturday I fixed a large brunch and Bryan's brother and fiance came over to eat with us in between moving stuff out of her house. Yesterday we relaxed and in the evening went to a local park for Bryan to fish and me get in a hot run. I've got some great posts planned this week! I'll be sharing great summer t-shirts and how to make the perfect blackberry sweet tea. Have a fantastic day!


  1. One of my favorite pictures, if I could start even just one day a week looking like this, I would be so pleased! I hope you had a great weekend and have a wonderful Monday.

    Twirling Clare

  2. Can't wait to read those fun posts this weeks! Yay! Happy Monday. :)

  3. That outfit you have on is ADORABLE!! Would love to see the whole look! If only I looked like that on a Monday morning....

  4. What a great weekend! The blackberry tea sounds recipe. Can't wait to see the recipe. Love that ensemble, especially the ring and necklace!

  5. Loving that picture :) What a fun and relaxing weekend you had! Can't wait to read your posts this week.