Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Target Review

The much anticipated debut of Missoni at Target came and went yesterday and has been considered a huge success. I heard the website was so busy it froze and crashed. I was unable to go yesterday but figured that in my small town I had little to worry about and would find everything my heart desired today. Wrong. I was at Target at 8:30 this morning and devastated to find that the place was just about stripped of all Missoni items. My heart was set on a scarf, but I have now moved on and will have to do something else instead. I did snap a few pictures and try on a few things and those I thought I would share.

Almost everything was sold out in a small. I tried on a skirt and shirt, neither of which I was really crazy about, but I figured why not try them. The skirt was a little big and you know how I feel about wearing the color blue. Neither of them left the store with me. Had they had them in pink I would have snatched both.

Apparently hardly anyone thought to search the lingerie section. The silk pajamas were adorable, though I thought they ran slightly big. This velour suit is currently in my possession and I can hardly wait to wear it. Perfect for fall mornings.

And nobody must have thought of searching the shoe section. The rain boots were adorable, but I really don't need another pair right now so they stayed on the shelf. I liked the black heels and the little girls' flats were super cute.

The home section was another story. Stripped bare. There were about three mugs left, two canisters and a few platters. The home section where there were apparently rugs literally did not have a single items left.

I snagged some kids socks in a size large and decided to bypass the headbands and barrettes. When I went to get in the check-out line I saw that everything Missoni had been moved to the front right corner where I had started. I made another run through everything and snagged some make-up bags. The stationery looked a little cheap to me and I was disappointed to find the three remaining notebooks were smashed.

One of the ladies said that yesterday was a total madhouse. Ladies came in wearing athletic gear and were trying things on in the middle of the store. Who knew there were such fashionistas in this town? The girls checking me out talked about the good deals that were scored and how they wished another shipment would come to the store. Missoni and Target, great collaboration! If anyone has an extra scarf I would love it, but other than that I am satisfied with my loot. Did you all brave Target and score anything?


  1. Whoa nelly, that velour hoodie & shorts combo looks PERFECT on you! Our Target didn't have that! Did you even see what that set is going for on eBay?? You are one lucky gal!

    I got two sweaters but am going to stop by yesterday to see if there was anything I may have missed (if any of it at all is left) :)

  2. OMG HOW COULD I FORGET TO GO!!! I have had the 13th on my calendar for months now, just waiting for it. I was so busy with work this week, I have not been blogging AND I forgot about MISSONI at Target!! (shaking head in shame) Bad day as I am sure the Houston Targets are out :(

  3. Dang! I was contemplating a little road trip to Grand Forks, ND to see what I could score but I'm obviously too late to the party! Love love the rainboots and the flats though...


  4. I got up early and lucked out! Wrote about my experiences on my blog. Which scarf did you want? I have the silk one, in case you're interested. let me know...