Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nautical News

L-O-V-E all of the nautical clothing that I am finding right now. Don't want too much of it, or a wardrobe that screams it, but a little here and a little there is just right. I don't have a picture of it, but last week I wore a super cute "Nautical Outfit." Some white flowy pants from Scarlett, navy 3/4 sweater with little anchor buttons on one arm from Beyond Cotton, gold sandals and a gold sand star necklace that belongs to my mom. Might not sound like anything fabulous, but I liked it. Oh, and I did give in and buy some J.Crew "critters" shorts that are yellow with navy anchors. Below are some of the cute things I've seen lately.

Since it is classic, I will start with Chanel.

Adorable dress and shoes-great combo!

Must-have earrings. I could use these to spice up any outfit!

Adorable shoes. All I can say.

What I really like about this necklace from Anthropologie is that it is not blue and white or red and white. Such a variety of colors that make it very versatile!
Milly dress. I think it is from Saks, or Neimans. You can never go wrong with Milly.

Another cute set of earrings. Marc Jacobs. He does a great job at things nautical.

If you're going to do nautical, you must have a straw bag or clutch in there somewhere. This Tory Burch bag is a summer staple.

Rolled up jeans, striped shirt and flats equal a comfy, cozy nautical look!

Happy sailing!

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