Saturday, April 17, 2010

Digging In The Dirt

All of my flowerbeds have been in need of lots of TLC. My Mimi came a couple of weeks ago to help me weed everything, which was a huge task! It all started with two ferns yesterday, then Mom and I headed to a nursery this morning and came home with a car load. We bought geraniums, marigolds, petunias, lantanas, and so many other flowers that I cannot name them all. The front porch is completely finished and looks very nice. The flowerbed by the back gate is finished in my opinion, but Mom doesn't agree. The huge flowerbed that backs the pool looks ten times better, but still needs a few more plants. Everyone agrees that it all looks very nice!

Of course Ivy felt the need to come inspect all of my work after I was finished. Actually I will say almost finished, because I still have to have everything mulched. Last year she was on top of me as I planted all of the flowers and shrubs.

On the front porch I planted dark red geraniums and airplane plants in the four planters leading up to the front door. Two huge ferns will flank the front door.

Deep purple petunias.

Tomorrow I will finally get all of my veggies into my garden!

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