Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get Moving

It's been a while since I've done a Workout Wednesday post, so here it goes. How many of you made a New Year's resolution to get out and exercise more? Are you still on your plan or have you strayed? We all need a little motivation now and then. Let's be honest, some of us need motivation every single day. If you struggle exercising, try something different. If you are tired of Pilates, try yoga. Mix it up and don't do the same thing every day or even every week.

Running is my thing.

Some days I choose to go to the gym and spin or work out on an elliptical. For me, the hardest part is physically making myself not sleep in that extra hour or deciding that I have to eat a meal as soon as I get home from work. Splash some cold water in your face, grab a granola bar and get moving, ladies. 

Speaking of water, are you drinking enough water? I was more than thrilled when I was told last week after a facial that my dry skin is only on the surface and that my skin is hydrated. I guzzle water all the time. I saw this idea on Pinterest and think it is a great way to make sure you are drinking enough water. 

Find cute workout clothing. If that's what it takes to get you motivated, do it. Go to Target and get something bright orange or teal. Stop by the Nike store and get some new kicks. Since the big move, I have fallen head over heels in love with Lululemon workout gear. When I went in on Saturday I realized it might be a tad bit bad when the girls ask if I had ordered the running crops that hadn't come in on their Thursday shipment. Or is that a good thing?? Maybe a bit of both. All of you southerners are enjoying warm weather, but the snow is still falling here. My picks of the week are the Layer Me Long Sleeve Shirt and the Wunder Under Pant. The shirt is medium thickness, between the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve and Runder Under Long Sleeve. And the pants...well, just go try them on. They are my favorites. 

Make your workout fun! You don't have to kill yourself to exercise. Find a friend and go for a hike or break out your old tennis racket. It is amazing how much better you will feel after you get out and move. 

Do you have any tips or favorite workout clothes? Please share! Happy Wednesday, lovelies!


  1. I've fallen off the wagon lately, I must admit. Not a good thing since I'm going to Hawaii next week for spring break. I recently bought some cute workout pants at Target. I like that they have cute pants in short lengths. Thanks for sharing! Stacie xo

  2. I love the daily water schedule!That is a great idea..

  3. I'm great with the working out - it's the EATING. I eat anything at night! i love lululemon so much - i live in their zip hoodie and pants, I've been wanting to get that pair for winter!

  4. I need some new workout clothes..STAT!

  5. I never used to be a morning runner but it's my favorite thing now. Gives me so much more energy than an extra hour of sleep does!