Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Welcome back from a long weekend! Can you believe that the summer is already over? Pack away your white and linen and pull out your boots and jeans. For those of us in the southern states, we still have a couple of months of wearing sandals and shorts before the weather turns cooler. I could almost pinch myself right now to see if it is really real that in eight days I will be headed for the mountains...permanently. The condo that I wanted didn't work out, but there are a few other leads that will hopefully turn into something positive.
How was your weekend? Bryan's dad is in the hospital, therefore on Saturday we spent four hours driving back and forth to see him. We made it home in time for the Razorback game and grilled buffalo chicken sandwiches.
{Pre-game} Of all places, we ran into our friend Cathy at the grocery store and decided that we would meet them at the lake on Sunday.  The kid had to have some quality time with us before the move and we figured time was running out rapidly. Good friends, good drinks, good food, gotta love our adopted family.

Last night Bryan made tasty homemade pizzas, but my latest kick has been anything wrapped in a tortilla. Friday night I made spinach, artichoke, avocado and grilled chicken quesadillas. They were ahhhhmazing.
Questions, comments, snide remarks {Stew and Nathan}? That's all I've got for you today, happy Monday Tuesday!


  1. What a great weekend! So glad you got to spend some quality time with "the kid!" Is Bryan's dad ok? Sorry the condo didnt work out…but I know something better will come out of it for you all! Are you sure you arent a professional cook?! Yummm! Have a great Tuesday…I already forgot to put the trash out thinking it was Monday!

  2. Those quesadillas look amazing! I also can eat something wrapped in a tortilla shell multiple times a week with out tiring of it. You just gave me a new idea for what to try next!