Monday, March 23, 2009

Snake Slayer

The past few weeks have been so busy! My mom has been here for about a month now and will be leaving on the 7th. My dad came home for two weeks and is gone again. So, the last month has been spent jam-packed with lots of quality family time!

So on to my snake story. Since we live in the boonies and have no gyms around, I run on the dirt roads. I always take Ivy for the first couple of miles and then bring her home. About three-quarters of a mile from our house there is a little creek that runs under the road. Ivy goes as fast as she can to the creek because she knows it is play time. Just as we were getting to the little creek I thought to myself, "I don't think I'm going to be crawling down here much longer. With this warm weather the snakes are about to be out." Famous last words (or thoughts).

We proceeded to finish up our run, I dropped Ivy off and went out for the rest of my run. I got back to the point on the road where the creek runs, glanced down and saw something that looked like an odd little stick...double take and it was a snake!!! Being the good country girl that I am, I chunked rocks at that slippery little sucker until it was no more. Then I continued on my way--with a little pep in my step, of course. A little while later when I had to decide which route to take next, I decided to backtrack and look at the snake again...just to make sure it was really dead. Definitely on alert now, I was watching the ground very carefully, but obviously my thought plan had been a good idea because I saw another one!! I thought to myself, surely this is not the same snake I just squished, I KNOW I pulverized it. So, I chunked rocks again at this little bugger...maybe a little more aggressively this time. Sure enough, the two snakes looked exactly alike and were about 50 feet from one another.

Bryan told me to take pictures of the snakes and email them to him at work. He insisted that they were not poisonous, but my thoughts are that the only good snakes are dead snakes. All in a days work!!
Snake #1
Snake #2

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